Forbes Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army; Website and Twitter


Forbes Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army; Website and Twitter

Forbes has been the latest victim in a cyber attack from the Syrian Electronic Army. Pro Syrian Hackers, Syrian Electronic Army, targeted Forbes early morning February 14, 2014 (Valentines day). Notorious hackers going by the name, Syrian Electronic Army, have hacked many high profiles websites in the past including, Skype, Time, Microsoft, Vice, Facebook, CNN, and now Forbes.

Pro-Assad hackers hack in the name of Syria, targeting many high trafficked websites

The Syrian Electronic Army has taken credit for hacking into the Forbes wordpress administrator panel, along with compromising multiple Twitter accounts. #SEA tweeted “Syrian Electronic Army was here” from the compromised Twitter accounts, including Social media editor Alex Knapp @TheAlexKnapp, along with Personal finance report Samantha Sharf @Samsharf, and @ForbesTech account. Not only did #SEA hack twitter accounts and post hacked tweets, the hackers left a blog post on the front page of Forbes reading “Hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army“.

Forbed Hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army, Freedom Hakcer

Syrian Electronic Army stated their motive for the hack was

Many articles against the SEA were posted on Forbes, also their hate for Syria is very clear and flagrant in their articles.

The Syrian Electronic Army has hacked many notable sites within the past year, and will continue their cyber reign on tech corporations.

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