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HTTPS Everywhere Available for Mobile Devices

HTTPS Everywhere Available for Mobile Devices

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has released the long awaited mobile add-on, HTTPS Everywhere, for mobile devices. HTTPS Everywhere has been available for the desktop for quite some time (HTTPS Everywere download here). It is one of the most important plugins to have on any browser, as it secure and encrypts connections online automatically. The browser plugin has been a long lasting and vital plugin for security enthusiasts or anyone that wants to encrypt their online activities where possible. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has finally released the plugin for mobile android devices.HTTPS Everywhere is available for mobile Mozilla FireFox users, on the Android OS. The open source Android OS will allow the plugin to install into the browser directly, and encrypt connections where possible. Before users manually had to type in to get any form of encryption which was long and tedious. Now when using FireFox it is input by default. This is great, and will help secure mobile devices online browsing by default.

HTTPS Everywhere is a vital plugin that will encrypt users data by default where possible. This is not the same as a VPN, which is recommended to secure every online connection going in and out of the device. Private Internet Access VPN is a trusted, reliable, and cheap VPN provider that can secure and encrypt all online activities. A VPN will stop the N.S.A. from snooping on your online browsing, and HTTPS Everywhere will encrypt your online traffic on sites that allow HTTPS. HTTPS Everywhere and a VPN can secure all incoming and outgoing internet connections.

For anyone who has an Android device running Mozilla FireFox, be sure to install HTTPS Everywhere, it can be downloaded at The install is fast, secure, and will secure your mobile phone, or tablets online browsing.

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