Poodlecorp knocks Pornhub offline

PoodleCorp Hackers Knock Worlds Largest Porn Sites, Pornhub & Brazzers Offline

Late night streamers over at porn giant, Pornhub, were hit with a late night interruption at around 12am Thursday, when all viewers were abruptly disconnected from the site rendering the unfortunate “this site cannot be reached” error.

Shortly after the site went offline, the well-known hacking group known as PoodleCorp tweeted,

Pornhub #Offline #PoodleCorp @Gh0stPoodle @PoodlesInBlack

— PoodleCorp (@PoodleCorp) August 4, 2016

Shortly after their tweet went live, several hundred dozen tweets sprung forward confirming the porn giant was indeed unreachable.

Pornhub Offline POODLECORP

Just a few minutes after PoodleCorp tweeted that Pornhub was infact offline, Pornhub’s social media manager known as Aria, replied to the group asking why they would take down a site offering free content. Poodlecorp hackers replied asking to have a private conversation.

Less than a few minutes after. what we presume was Aria speaking with Poodlecorp hackers, she tweeted:

Shoutout to @poodlecorp for blackmailing me

— Pornhub ARIA (@Pornhub) August 4, 2016

According to Aria’s tweet, we can presume that PoodleCorp demanded a ransom to stop the attack, as they have done with other companies in the past.

The hacking group Poodlecorp, utilizes what are known as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, a method where attackers send a massive amount of faulty traffic to a server at one time, in attempt to overload the server, forcing it offline.

Poodlecorp is the same gang of hackers who took the Pokemon Go servers offline with a massive DDoS attack, alongside knocking several of Blizzards World of Warcraft severs offline. Poodlecorps DDoS portfolio continues to grow, as more and more targets are being hit this summer.

The hacking group has not only made their name known through the DDoS community, but has also gained a fair bit of fame from hacking several popular YouTuber channels. Giant YouTubers including H3H3Productions, LeafyisHere, WatchMojo, Lilly Singh’s, among several other victims.

Pornhub is the second largest pornsite in the world, coming in just behind the mega giant Xhamster, serving several hundred million users every month. The site has gained so much popularity the company behind the site has even begun posting detailed insights and analytics on porn viewers data around the world.

Shortly after Pornhub’s severs began to regain consciousness, Poodlecorp hit their sister site, Brazzers offline. Brazzers is one of the world’s most famous paid pornsites, with their brand begin known among hundreds of millons.

Brazzers #Offline #PoodleCorp follow us @Brazzers

— PoodleCorp (@PoodleCorp) August 4, 2016

Both Pornhub and Brazzers are owned by the porn conglomerate MindGeek. A company that describes themselves as leaders in content delivery, streaming media, and online advertising.

At the time of writing this article, the porn giant is still having loading issues and running a bit slow, but not entirely offline.

Update 08/06/2016: Late Saturday night Pornhub streamers were once again met with random downtime. A hacker going under the Twitter handle Mr. Stark has claimed responsibility for knocking Pornhub offline late Saturday night.

Who wants Pornhub to stay offline? #Pornhub @Pornhub
Shall I keep it off for a week? @PoodleCorp @xotehpoodle @Gh0stPoodle

— Mr.Stark (@OGSTRK) August 7, 2016

If Stark has ties to Poodlecorp or any of their memebers is unknown. However, at the time of writing this article, the porn giant is still suffering downtime.

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