MasterCard Website Hacked by Indonesian Gantengers Crew

Saturday April 24th, the official website for the U.S.-based financial service, MasterCard, was hacked and defaced by an Indonesian-based hacker gang known as, Gantengers Crew.

Hackers defaced the domain page accompanied by a note where the hackers took credit under their online alias, yet, the motive behind the attack was not mentioned.

MasterCard has not chosen to publicly comment on the website hack as of yet, so it remains unknown if the server may have been compromised. Seeing as the website was back up in a number of hours, the hack was presumably just a DNS hijacking attack.

The deface page Gantengers Crew left on the MasterCard website can be seen below:

MasterCard Website Defaced by Gantengers Crew

According to Gantengers Crew, the Indonesian hackers targeted the MasterCard website to show how unsafe the companies financial data is secured. Further information regarding the crew possibly breaching into MasterCard and stealing financial data remains unknown.

The MasterCard domain defaced, arm.mastercard.com, claims the site is currently undergoing maintenance, writing “please excuse our appearance during scheduled site maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

If the maintenance is related the domain deface was not mentioned.

Gantengers Crew is no stranger to hijacking high-profile corporate websites, last year, the crew defaced the Australian National University, WWF and Earth Hour Philippines.

The MasterCard subdomain has since been restored and is in working condition, the company has yet to make any statements regarding the recent hack.

Mirror of MasterCard domain deface:

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