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How to Encrypt Phone Calls

How to Encrypt Phone Calls

With recent N.S.A. revelations we know that our phone lines and almost all digital communications are tapped. Encrypting phone calls is extremely vital, and will only continue to become more  important as time goes on. As the N.S.A. continues to develop and enhance their digital technologies, encrypting will be the only defense we have.

Three ways to Encrypt Phone Calls

1. RedPhone – An Android application that enables encrypted voice communication between RedPhone users. RedPhone is a simple application that allows Android phones to communicate via an encrypted VoIP. In short this will encrypt phone calls between Android users. Both parties must be using RedPhone. Download RedPhone from the Google Play store here. Or download the source code from Moxie Marlinspikes website here.

2. Silent Circle – Send Peer-to-Peer Encrypted Texts, Phone Calls, Video Calls, and File Transfers from your Mobile Device. Silent Circle is one of the leading providers in encrypted communications. They have encrypted video calls (basically encrypted Skype with no N.S.A.), encrypted texts, encrypted file transfers, and encrypted phone calls. Silent Circle works on all devices, and works even with people who don’t have or use Silent Circle. Silent Circle is a paid service, and runs at $9.95 per month flat rate ($99.95 yearly). This is extremely cheap considering everything it does, and considering it works with people even outside the circle (meaning the other party doesn’t require Silent Circle). The best part is, its all Peer-to-Peer. Meaning Silent Circle has absolutely no logs of anything you do on the service. Check out for a full list of everything, and get encrypted.

3. Alternatives – There are plenty of alternatives, but I am unsure on how secure they actually are. Here is a small list of services that can encrypt phone calls Zfone, Tivi, PhonerLite, and/or CryptoPhone. Silent Circle and RedPhone are the most well known, and have names established for themselves.


Overall there are not many options to encrypt phone calls, but there are still some. Encrypting your phone calls will soon become crucial, more than it already is as N.S.A. spying progresses. The N.S.A. has word filters, triggers, and many scary new age technologies for spying. If you would like to know how to stay safe from the N.S.A. online check out our VPN page here, and read through our security page here. Start encrypting your phone calls, only a few dollars a month can save the N.S.A. from harvesting more data from you.

Learn 7 simple ways to make anonymous phone calls here!

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    1. Can you provide any information on this service, or let us know how secure it is? The services listed have been around for a long time and have established names behind them.