Google Launches New Interactive Email Service ‘Inbox’

Google has launched its latest email service dubbed, “Inbox“, unveiling the service Wednesday that will better organize emails and display information such as appointments, flight bookings and package deliveries in a user-friendly and interactive format.

Google said the new service is sending out invitations to select Gmail users to test-drive the Inbox service. People who wish to be apart of Inbox can also email the company at inbox@google.com to request an early invitation to the service.

Inbox will not be a replacement for Google’s extremely popular Gmail, but alongside Google’s email service launched back in 2004. The company said the service will be available on Google Chrome as well as select smartphones, Android and iPhone.

“With this evolution comes new challenges: we get more email now than ever, important information is buried inside messages, and our most important tasks can slip through the cracks—especially when we’re working on our phones,” the company said. “Inbox is by the same people who brought you Gmail, but it’s not Gmail: it’s a completely different type of inbox, designed to focus on what really matters,” Google wrote in its blog post.

The company said Inbox displays real-time updates and brings it to email, one example may be the delivery status of items ordered online. It also shows reminders in an interactive format, allowing users to easily keep track of appointments and tasks throughout the day.

Whats the difference in Inbox rather than traditional Gmail? Inbox showcases emails in a friendly Facebook-like feed. The service is now in a dropdown scroll menu where you can view tasks and services amongst other Google-integrated services in a user-friendly way. Inbox is a rolling live-feed of tasks, appointments and integrations of other Google services, such as Google Calendar, in one area.

Google made a video showcasing the new ‘Inbox‘ service and the capabilities which can be seen below.

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