Facebook's Anonymous Login Protects your Privacy
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Facebook’s New Anonymous Login Feature Helps Protect Your Privacy

Facebook has introduced its latest feature, Anonymous Login, which aims to help you maintain your privacy when sharing information with websites, apps and third-party applications. The new feature will allow you to log into apps with Facebook completely anonymous, meaning the app will no longer know all your personal information.

Facebook’s new Anonymous Login allows users to connect with apps and third-party websites without having to share personal account information. The logins can be entirely anonymous, meaning app owners may no longer know the specifics of your personal information.

The new feature lets users decide what personal information applications or websites really need, putting greater emphasis on users choice and personal privacy.

In addition, Facebook has also announced a new version of Facebook Login. The new versions allows users to decide what personal information applications and websites have access to by simply checking or unchecking marked boxes. Alongside, new permissions allow you to disable applications from collecting any data or posting any data onto your Facebook without explicit permission.

This long overdue feature can now put greater confidence in Facebook as the company allows you to choose what information is shared with third-parties.

At the F8 developer conference, Facebook unveiled various improvements and remodeling to the App Control Panel. In the company blog, Facebook states this is a key place for Facebook users to visit and take charge of their data, allowing them to control what information is shared with companies.

Regardless of technical expertise, the new panels are said to allow for seamless sharing and turning off the sharing of data.

Anonymous Login aims to hinder Facebook’s age old problem of users wanting to try various apps or wanting to read various websites but not having to share personal information. Anonymous Login can help grow Facebook, when visitors know their data is in their hands.

Facebook’s latest announcement comes with a number of features, even allowing users the ability to later share information with applications. Meaning if your eager to test an application and don’t want to share information right away, you can, but later down the rode if you wish to share data and connect it to your Facebook, you can do that too.

Anonymous Login is currently in development and still undergoing testing. Facebook plans to roll the feature out to various developers throughout the coming months.

Facebook said Anonymous Login should be released in the coming months while the newly unveiled App Control Panel will be available to users in just a few short weeks.

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