Microsoft tried pushing Windows 10 Claiming Windows 7 is Insecure

Microsoft Warns Windows 7 is Insecure in Attempt to Boost Windows 10 Installs

Microsoft, the company behind the widely popular Windows operating system is now warning users that older, mind you still supported, versions of the Windows operating system are insecure and that everyone should upgrade to their latest Windows 10 immediately.

That’s right, Microsoft is cutting no corner in attempt to make Windows 10 the most successful operating system of all time, with expectations for 1 billion installs by 2017 or mid-2018.

So why is Microsoft targeting Windows 7 users?

Well it’s quite simple, according to NetMarketShare Windows 7 still runs on 55 percent of all computers on the planet, and Microsoft is worried that their dream of 1 billion active installs by 2017 could be hindered by those who do not wish to switch.

In a recent interview with Windows Weekly, Microsoft Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Chris Capossela warned about the ongoing risk of running Windows 7 and urged all users to switch to their newest Windows 10 operating system immediately.

According to Capossela, Windows 7 is far less secure than Windows 10, making it “so incredibly important to try to end the fragmentation of the Windows install base,” by transferring everyone to this alleged “safer place”.

However this so-called safer environment spouted as Windows 10 is rather quite controversial, a large reason Windows 7 still retains 55.68% market share.

Whats wrong with Windows 10?

Well if you haven’t been keeping up, Microsoft recently introduced Windows 10 into the world, changing the worlds browsing experience forever, and not in a good way. Windows 10 is nothing more than an modern piece of spyware, logging and aggressively tracking every action fed into the system.

From the way you type, to the way you speak and the way you browse are all heavily monitored and sent to Microsoft. They even have a features automatically enabled that send parents a weekly report of their children’s browsing history, a massive privacy invasion not only to the child but parents as well.

Windows 10 is a modern piece of spy technology Microsoft is forcing down every Windows users throat, masquerading the sinister operating system behind a new fancy blue Windows logo.

However getting back to Capossela, according to him those who keep using Windows 7 are going to receive reduced performance and applications will begin to not work properly.

“We do worry when people are running an operating system that’s 10 years old that the next printer they buy isn’t going to work well, or they buy a new game, they buy Fallout 4, a very popular game, and it doesn’t work on a bunch of older machines,” Capossela said. “And so, as we are pushing our ISV [Independent Software Vendor] and hardware partners to build great new stuff that takes advantage of Windows 10 that obviously makes the old stuff really bad and not to mention viruses and security problems.”

Wow, now lets take a second to not only admire Capossela’s lack of basic computer knowledge but the fact that Microsoft is okay publicly endorsing these statements.

So according to Microsoft’s CMO, the security of the Windows 7 is now based off the age of the operating system. This statement is quite concerning as Microsoft only recently officially ended support for its most successful operating system of all time, Windows XP, which was originally released in 2001.

Now, according to Microsoft, Windows 7 is on track to receive security updates all the way up until January 14, 2020, a date a little more than four years away. So according to Capossela, simply because Windows 7 is aging, as it was released back in 2009, the operating system has now become totally insecure to “viruses and security problems.”

Not only that but according to Capossela, an operating system with over 55% market share is suddenly going to collapse and become incompatible with all upcoming software and hardware. Running Windows 7 will neither make your computer any more or less compatible with new hardware and software.

The fact that Windows 7 has such a large market share would make it developers’ first option over Windows 10 when choosing what OS will have greater compatibility for its users. The fact that Capossela makes such baseless accusations that running Fallout 4 on Windows 7 will somehow hinder the performance is top-level absurdity.

Microsoft’s reasoning behind these accusations

It’s sad but I think we all know why Microsoft is making such baseless and absurd claims. Microsoft wants Windows 10 running on one billion devices by 2017 or mid-2018, something the company has been working relentlessly for.

Even if that means automatically installing Windows 10 without user consent or having an extremely intrusive update popup advertising Windows 10 every time you wake your system.

Not only are Microsoft’s actions clear, Capossela made them even clearer, admitting to this in his recent interview:

“We think every machine that is capable of running Windows 10 we should be doing everything we possibly can to get people to move to Windows 10. PCs, because of the history, and the legacy, it’s slightly uncomfortable for more people, and so we’re going to keep at it. We are going to try to find that right balance, but we just know there’s a lot of people out there who constantly kick the can down the street without a little bit more of a, frankly, a push.

“And so, there’s no doubt with a base as big as ours, it is hard to move anyone to a new model without angering some people. We don’t want to anger anybody, but we do feel a responsibility to get people to a much better place, and Windows 10 is a much better place than Windows 7.

“We will always give you a way out, but we’re trying to find the right threat balance.”

Microsoft is taking every avenue to achieve this dream, even now lying about the security of every Windows operating system preceding Windows 10, claiming it has become prone to “viruses and security problems” overnight.

Yet Microsoft’s aggressive tactics aren’t falling short as Microsoft just hit a major milestone of installing Windows 10 on more than 200 million devices since its initial launch five months ago.

It’s good for a company like Microsoft to set such an ambitious goal, however not respecting your users who don’t want to be spied on is completely unacceptable. While Microsoft may be giving users the choice to click yes or no they are making it more annoying and intrusive than ever if you don’t want to switch over to Windows 10.

For anyone who is thinking of moving to Windows 10 remember that Microsoft has not been entirely clear on their pricing strategy, however the notion that Windows 10 will cost yearly is a myth. Though Microsoft has said they will not charge yearly, their method of updates and the real price of Windows 10 is still unclear.

Microsoft making such absurd accusations is just another reason to move away from the Windows operating system and to something more secure and user oriented such as Linux.

[Photo via Mike Mozart/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)]

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  1. LINUX is the way to go if you are serious ok Linux does not have all the games and photo shop but thats not the end of the world you can dual boot. I would recommend keeping windows off line period and use it for those programmes that you need to use in windows. Use Linux for everything else online surfing it,s fantastic programmes are getting better all the time

    1. Hi Kim, glad to hear you’re looking more into Linux :) If you go online and search up learn Linux, dozens of great courses will come up depending on your skill level of beginner, intermediate or expert. And you can obviously move yourself up the latter as you continue classes.

      Here are just a few free and paid courses to learn Linux:

      Those are just three reliable sources we know of, however tens of thousands exist. Let us know if you need more help or how you like Linux if you make the switch!