Anonymous Breaches World Trade Organization Stealing Information
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Anonymous Hacks World Trade Organization, Stealing and Leaking Critical Information

The hacktivist collective is at it once again, Anonymous hackers have breached into the World Trade Organization, stealing and leaking vital information including the company database and the personal information of thousands of its corespondents throughout the globe.

Anonymous hackers gained access to the World Health Organization website through a simple SQL injection, allowing hackers to scour the site and steal sensitive information.

The website Anonymous hackers targeted was, an online hub for learning about the World Trade Organization, including classes on international trade law and other trade-related educational material.

Leaked information contains the World Trade Organization database and admin login credentials for over 58 different administrators. Anonymous hackers leaked first and last names, phone numbers, fax numbers, job position and email addresses of the barrage of administrators. Additionally, the leaked data contains another 34 administrators personal information.

Candidates also had their personal information leaked, which included first and last names, dates of birth and the nationality for 80 different candidates. Hackers did not specify where the leaked candidate data was stored, the chunk of data just came alongside the large volume of leaked information.

World Trade Organization staff and officials had their data leaked alongside the admins and candidates. Several staffers login credentials and personal information was leaked for several thousands throughout the world.

Personal staff and officials leaked data included, first and last names, access IDs, email addresses, IP addresses, user roles, phone numbers, job position, country name, officials current employment throughout embassies, zip codes, supervisor first and last names, language spoken and registration numbers. The leak affects over 2,100 officials and staff members of the World Trade Organization.

Countries affected by Anonymous hackers include Brazil, China, France, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Russia, Santo Domingo, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, the United States among various others countries.

The World Trade Organization leak is so large it had to be split into two separate parts. Leaked information can be found on paste sites here and here.

The sudden World Trade Organization breach has left the company stunned, as the leak was posted online Friday the company has not yet responded. If affected WTO staffers will receive anything from the company due to the personal information breach also remains unknown.

Anonymous hackers who breached the WTO were the same hackers who perpetrated the attack against the Israeli Arms Importer website, leaking the personal information of thousands of clients.

The anonymous hacker breaching these companies has kept their identity hidden for the time of these attacks, noting that all attacks are for Anonymous and their ongoing operations to help humanity. The latest attack was for #OperationGreenRights, an operation aimed towards protecting nature and the world.

[Photo via Pierre/Flickr [CC BY 2.0]]

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