Snoopy Drone Can Intercept and Hack Your SmartPhone, Freedom Hacker

Snoopy Drone Can Intercept and Hack Your SmartPhone

As drones and UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) become the new age of surveillance, hackers are starting to take advantage of the ever mobile technology. As drones can now deliver packages, deliver pizza, and drop bombs, they can now hack your smartphone while its in your pocket.

Security researchers at Senpoint, have developed a drone called “Snoopy”. Snoopy drone can intercept data from your smartphone acting as a trusted wireless network, CNN Money reported.

The drone scans for devices with WiFi enabled, using its built in technology, it will test to see what networks the phone has accessed in the past, and pretends to be that old network letting the smartphone connect to the drones spoofed network.

Once it successfully spoofs a network, Snoopy Drone connects to the smartphone without authentication or interaction. Cyber security analysts call this a ‘Wireless Evil Twin Attack’ to hack smartphones.

Once connected, Snoopy drone can access the smartphone, allowing the attacker to capture login credentials, personal data, and much more. Snoopy Drone is a self-powered mobile drone, and researchers have successfully stolen Amazon, PayPal, Yahoo, and many other sensitive credentials while testing this in the streets. The hackers could even locate the mobile phone holders address. All of this happens without your knowledge as the mobile drone can fly by and steal your data.

Researchers have noted they have no malicious intent continuing forward with Snoopy Drone, its purely for demonstration to highlight vulnerabilities in smartphones. Developers have also noted cyber criminals may already be building such devices, or already have this technology and are currently utilizing it.

The possibilities for cyber criminals could be endless. To steer clear of possible copy cat Snoopy Drones, leave your WiFi turned off on your mobile phone.

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