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Abdilo, Teenage Hacker Who Live Streamed his Exploits Arrested After House Raid

The infamous Australian teenage hacker, known under his online alias Abdilo, the hacker who live streamed his exploits for the whole world to see was searched and arrested by Australian law enforcement authorities in an early morning raid.

Abdilo is the hacker who claimed responsibility for one of the largest cyberattacks in Australian history, stating he had breached the systems of an Australian travel insurance company, Aussie Travel Cover.

Security experts stated the hack could be one of the largest privacy breaches in Australian history.

Abdilo had said in an interview back in January that he had hacked the systems of Aussie Travel Cover, stealing the data of millions of Australian travelers. Claiming he had the private information of hundreds of thousands of victims who had used the online service.

Aussie Travel Cover was aware of the security breach, but chose not to inform insurance policy holders or customers that sensitive account information may have been stolen and in the hands of hackers.

Shortly after Abdilo’s claims, he went on a short-lived hacking spree, where he actually live streamed one of his attacks online, but has since landed himself in jail.

Abdilo also claimed responsibility for hacking into a website run by the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO), as well as local government websites and Australian universities.

Shortly after Abdilo made such claims, students from the University of Sydney started receiving emails from the dean of arts and social science faculty in February stating that due to a security breach, their personal information may have been compromised.

Outlets have confirmed that the search warrants were recently executed in Queensland, Australia as part of an “ongoing investigation” into the teens alleged attacks against companies.

Australian law enforcement chose not to comment, stating the investigation is still ongoing.

Abdilo, who also runs under online aliases Notavirus, Surivaton and Grey hat Mafia’s Bitch, was raided early Thursday morning.

Abdilo signed into his account known as Grey Hat Mafia’s Bitch on the popular online hacking forum, HackForums, posting that he had been served the search warrant.

“When I got raided I was served a 3LA order to hand over my passwords,” he wrote on Hackforums.

Under Australia’s Crime Act, Section 3LA gives authorities the ability to get an order from a magistrate that forces the suspect to hand over their password and decryption keys to the authorities. If the suspect served refuses to comply, they can face up to two years in jail.

The Hackforums post has since been removed from Grey Hat’s account for unknown reasons. On Thursday, Grey Hat’s post outlining what had happen was replaced with a long string of random characters.

Information regarding Abdlio’s possible charges or sentencing have yet to be confirmed.

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