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The BlackPhone Enters the Market

The BlackPhone Enters the Market

The official launch for the Blackphone has been extremely exciting for privacy advocates worldwide. The Blackphone has released all of its specifications, price, and what the PrivatOS will entail.

Blackphone Specifications

In terms of hardware the Blackphone comes in with reliable long lasting hardware. The Blackphone will display with a large 4.7″ HD IPS Screen. This is just one tenth of an inch smaller than the Galaxy S III screen size displaying at 4.8″. The phone will also pack a blazing fast 2 GHz Quad Core CPU, along with 2 GB RAM, and a generous 16 GB Storage of internal storage. As of now we are unsure if the back casing can be removed from the phone, if possible, this will allow for extra external storage to be available. SD cards ranging from 1GB to 32GB are the usual storage capacity android phones can withold, which in turn makes storage unlimited. The Blackphone will be fully compatible with newer LTE networks, and older HSPA+ networks. Accepting both network lines will make the Blackphone usable virtually anywhere in the world. The phone also contains a Front camera along with a 8Mpx rear camera with flash. If you don’t know what any of this means, the Blackphone basically has very high end hardware. A lot better hardware than most smartphones have today. Full specifications are below

  • 4.7″ HD IPS Screen
  • >2 GHz Quad Core CPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 16 GB Storage
  • LTE
  • HSPA+
  • Front camera >8Mpx with flash, plus rear camera

Blackphone Software – PrivatOS

The Blackphone is not just another average smartphone, the Blackphone is such an innovation because of its privacy based core. With Silent Circle the leading provider in encrypted communications working on the phone, along with open source crew Geeksphone, the PrivatOS will be a one of a kind. PrivatOS will be a lightweight high end Android based operating system. The Blackphone PrivatOS comes pre-loaded with minimal applications, and many anonymizing services. PrivatOS comes loaded with anonymous search, smart wifi manager (disables WiFi on known unsecured networks), privacy enhancing updates, fully encrypted communications up to 100MB, remote wipe, and anti theft tools. The Blackphone will be the best private smartphone for businesses, and consumers looking for end to end privacy.

Blackphone Apps – PrivatOS Apps

The Blackphone promised little to no apps, along with not needing a Google account to utilize the Android based operating system. It appear Blackphone kept their promise. The Blackphone comes preinstalled with silent phone, silent text, silent contacts, Blackphone security center, Blackphone activation wizard, Blackphone remote wipe, Disconnect secure wireless, SpiderOak Blackphone edition, and Kismet smart Wi-Fi Manager. All Silent Circle services will come pre-installed by default for %100 privacy. All Blackphone apps disconnect possible tracking exploits, secure communications, and enhance privacy. If you loose your Blackphone you can remotely kill the whole phone from your computer for %100 anti theft protection. Full list of apps are posted below.

  • Silent Circle Apps
  • Silent Phone
  • Silent Text
  • Silent Contacts
  • Blackphone-built apps
  • Blackphone Firewall
  • Blackphone Activation Wizard
  • Blackphone Remote Wipe
  • Select 3rd-party apps
  • Disconnect Secure Wireless
  • SpiderOak Blackphone Edition
  • Kismet Smart Wi-Fi Manager

Blackphone Price

The Blackphone enters the market at average smartphone price of $629 (cheaper than most smartphones off contract). For the steeper price you also receive 2 years of full silent communication access, 2 year subscription to disconnect services (1GB/mo), and 2 years of SpideOak cloud services (5GB/mo). Three extra one year silent circle communication subscriptions also come along with the Blackphone. Friends and Family can utilize Silent Circle services on regular smartphones to securely contact your Blackphone.


Blackphone pre-orders are now live. Blackphones won’t be fully shipped out until June 2014. For the premium hardware, and security the phone gives, $629 is not an investment towards a smartphone, but an investment towards your privacy. The phone doesn’t claim to be N.S.A. proof or anything similar, but this is the first PRIVACY BASED phone ever created. Blackphone is truly a revolutionary product for its privacy based roots.

Check out the Blackphone specifications and pre-order your Blackphone here!

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