SeedBox Providers we Recommend

A SeedBox is a web based torrent client. A SeedBox is a high powered server made to seed torrents at rapid rates, and extreme speeds. Providers put their servers on gigabit tier servers, so you don’t seed from your home connection, and so you are seeding 24/7/365. Speeds among SeedBoxes vary greatly. Most lower cost plans use 100mbit seedboxes, overall allowing 10megabytes per second uplink and downlink. A bit higher end will land you with a 1gbit server, offering 100 megabytes per second uplink and downlink. Then you can go all the way up to 10gbits, which will land you with 1gigabytes per second uplink and downlink. But, most providers share bandwidth with multiple users, so don’t expect to be getting 1gigabyte per second on a 10gbit server. Still confused, read my article “What is a SeedBox?“.

The providers listed below are SeedBoxes we recommend.

accepts bitcoinMeans provider accepts BitCoin.

cheap seedbox Has a plan for under $10

– will be the lowest cost plan they have accepts bitcoin $10   %20 off your first month with the code FREEDOMHACKER

SafeSeederaccepts bitcoin–  $13 %25 off your first month with code FREEDOMHACKER25

DediSeedBox $15.00

Seed.ST cheap seedbox $6.00 – Seed.ST Review $15

Xirvik $7.95

SuperSeedbox cheap seedbox $9.95

Seedbox Solutions cheap seedbox $11.00

SNTHosting cheap seedbox $6.29

Ultra seedbox accepts bitcoin $19.98

Dentoo cheap seedbox $9.00

Seedhost cheap seedbox $9.00

Underleech $16.00 accepts bitcoin $18.00

TheSmartHost  cheap seedbox $16.00

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