Hackers Jailbreak PlayStation 4

Hackers Confirm PlayStation 4 Jailbreak, Opening the Possibility to Home-Brew Apps

Sony’s Playstation 4, the hottest gaming console on the market this season has been successfully jailbroken by a hacker calling himself CTurt, who claims to have hacked into the PS4 via a kernel exploit that he had previously created, allowing him to run pirated and non-approved games on his Playstation console.

The current jailbreak can be used to dump the RAM from other processes and install custom firmware that can then be used to run homebrew applications that aren’t approved by the Sony marketplace.

Breaking through Sony’s protection platform is a huge accomplishment for the hacker who claimed to have developed a fully working jailbreak for the PlayStation 4 in just a little over two years since its release.

According to CTurt’s twitter, they were able to exploit the 1.76 version of the Playstation 4 software, but according to CTurt, the jailbreak can be easily modified to run on more recent firmware.

CTurt Hacker Jailbreaks Playstation 4

CTurt said they were able to successfully take advantage of an exploit in the Playstation 4 v1.76 to inject external commands into the system, thereby taking complete control over the system hardware.

It will likely be time before CTurt or other hackers develop a custom firmware that can be easily loaded onto the PS4 console, however, this won’t stop thousands from trying to jailbreak their console.

It wouldn’t be shocking to see Sony launch legal action against those who seek to create homebrew applications and then try to run them on the Playstation 4 hardware, as Sony could claim that the user violated the terms of use and that they are creating a potential security issue for the entire Sony community.

Sony will certainly be unhappy learning that a working Playstation 4 jailbreak came just around the holiday season and will likely be working around the clock to patch the vulnerabilities.

[Photo via Farley Santos/Flickr [CC BY 2.0]]

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