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Anonymous Leaks Email and Passwords of Baltimore Police Officials Involved in the Death of Freddie Gray

The hacktivist collective, Anonymous has now leaked the emails and passwords of six different police officials who were involved with the death of 25 year old, Freddie Gray. Anonymous has leaked personal information including amass of emails and IP addresses for the officers involved in the shooting and death of Gray.

One Anonymous twitter account wrote the following tweet Saturday, noting the police officials information had been leaked online:

Leaked emails from the servers of the @BaltimorePolice. “A riot is the language of the unheard” #Anonymous #AntiSec

— Anonymous (@AnonymousGlobo) May 3, 2015

The sudden death of Freddie Gray put the Baltimore streets in a riot, after it was announced that Gray had passed after the police had him in custody with a spinal injury they caused and refused to treat. Anonymous activists took to the Internet immediately, supporting the peaceful protests against the police officials who killed Gray.

The six officers involved in the death have been suspended from Baltimore Police work for the time being. Following their recent case, the individuals have been charged with second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. The six Baltimore officers that have been suspended and charged with the crimes were the six individuals Anonymous had leaked the information of.

Following the news, Anonymous released a set of another eight email addresses and passwords of more Baltimore police officers on Tuesday.

You remember from the @BaltimorePolice emails. Here are the passwords of emails. Enjoy U mad bro? #Anonymous #AntiSec

— Anonymous (@AnonymousGlobo) May 5, 2015

Of the eight, seven of the email addresses belong to police officials, while the latter belong to Lisa Evans, the lead wellness manager at the City of Baltimore, according to her LinkedIn and information found in the leaks. The reasoning for Evans being targeted was not mentioned.

Anonymous hackers have warned Baltimore police that their department will be receiving a large amount of cyberattacks for Gray’s death, writing:

#Baltimore we got ya back. Anon troops have been deployed and landed in Baltimore. We are here. Baltimore PD you should have expected us.

— Anonymous (@AnonymousGlobo) May 3, 2015

Anonymous is a group police officials cannot stand to take lightly, in past murders of unarmed citizens, Anonymous has swiftly reacted, launching cyberattacks towards targeted departments involved in select cases. Turning off their websites, leaking emails and even hacking into the computer systems of the police stations to release information.

It appears Anonymous hackers will not stop their cyberattacks against Baltimore police until justice is served for the heinous death of Freddie Gray.

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  1. Might also want to consider just reporting the facts if you want to be taken seriously as an outlet of network security news. Statements like “Anonymous is a group police officials cannot stand to take lightly, in past murders of unarmed citizens, Anonymous has swiftly reacted and slammed a number of the departments.” is not only horrible grammar, its conjecture and inflammatory conjecture at that. if you want to make a statement like that, a link to an example of a law enforcement officer who was convicted of the murder and the subsequent actions of Anonymous would be in order.
    Ditto for the statement “It appears Anonymous hackers will not stop their cyberattacks again Baltimore police until justice is served for the heinous death of Freddie Gray.”
    In America, we are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Watch some newscasts and you’ll hear phrases like “the alleged murder” or “he allegedly broke into the store”.

    1. Hi Jeff, thank you for the constructive criticism. In past cases I am referring to in the article, various officers were not charged with the murder, but that does not dismiss the fact that the deaths occurring are a crime and should be charged as such. Two examples of cases referred to in the article:


      As well, the recent death of Gray was labeled a homicide on the officers part:

    1. Thank you for the note, we accidentally reported some wrong information. The article has since been fixed.