Moroccan Hackers Deface Italian Government Websites, Freedom Hacker

Moroccan Hackers Deface Italian Government Websites

Moroccan Hackers Deface Italian Government Websites

Moroccan hackers going by Moroccan Islamic Union-mail have targeted and defaced several Italian government websites. The Moroccan hackers have left a deface page along with a video. The Deface page reads

We do not want muscle-flexing. Just want to get our message across to the world to discover the truth.
Yes, the fact that should be explored invite you to show filter this video to discover the truth for yourself

The deface page also links to the hackers Facebook page, where the group releases their latest hacking news. Along with the deface, the hackers are attaching a YouTube video that automatically plays when accessing the website. The hacking appears to be for hacktivist reasons. The Moroccan hackers have defaced 5 Italian government websites as of now, February 3, 2014. As of now the defaced websites are still showing up, and the picture on our article is what the official deface page appears as.

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