Silk Road 3.0 Appears After Silk Road 2.0 Seizure, Freedom Hacker

Silk Road 3.0 Appears After the Seizure of Silk Road 2.0

Mere hours after the FBI and Europol worked to seize the servers and apprehend the owner of the Silk Road 2.0, the deepwebs famous online drug bazaar, a Silk Road 3.0 has came to light.

Blake Benthall, 26-year-old San Francisco tech worker was apprehended in San Francisco Thursday, under the accusation of running the Silk Road 2.0.

Prosecutors say minutes after Benthall’s arrest, he admitting to running the illicit drug marketplace known as the Silk Road 2.0. Which was the resurrection of the original drug marketplace known as the, Silk Road, which was shutdown October 2, 2013. The Silk Road 2.0 was shut down on its one year anniversary, being taken offline exactly one year after its start.

Though the Silk Road 2.0 servers were seized by federal authorities, another version came online, claiming to be the third rebirth of the online marketplace.

Many have acclaimed the latest resurrection to be a honeypot or sting operation set up by authorities. Though a plausible assumption, when the original Silk Road went offline a number of Silk Road wana-be sites appeared, the 2.0 became an instant successor dominating the marketplace.

Benthall was acclaimed and admitted to being the owner of the Silk Road 2.0, a marketplace pulling in over $8 million a month in sales, being one of the largest and fastest growing deepweb marketplaces online. While Benthall may face life in prison, what the Silk Road 3.0 has in store remains unknown.

Seeing the Silk Roads track record, the future of the Silk Road 3.0 does not seem promising.

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